So what is Discover Double Bass and how can it help you?

Discover Double Bass is the world's largest online double bass school. We have thousands of members from across the globe, all working on creating our best music. There's two ways you can learn, our lessons and our courses.



The Discover Double Bass lessons library contains over 100 free lessons. Each video teaches a specific area of double bass playing in a clear and easy to understand fashion. We cover a wide range of styles and techniques such as jazz, classical, bowing, scales, posture, soloing and much more.

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Step-by-step Courses

For those wishing to explore a topic in more detail we also sell in-depth courses with step-by-step lessons. These include Beginner’s Double Bass, Creating Walking Bass Lines, Double Bass Scales, Double Bass Bowing Technique and more.

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Who is Discover Double Bass for?

Are you a beginner looking for video lessons to learn the upright bass? Are you an experienced player looking for guidance to help you improve? Regardless of your experience or the style of music you play, Discover Double Bass can give you the direction to become the bassist you always wanted to be.

Discover Double Bass is THE online double bass school that will help you reach your full potential and have a great time doing it! Sign up now for free access the recourses in the Double Bass Toolbox and be notified of new lessons & courses.

Meet Our Teachers


Geoff Chalmers

Geoff Chalmers

Geoff Chalmers

Based in the UK, Geoff has performed on numerous gigs, shows, tours and recording sessions. He has a degree in jazz bass, as well as a postgraduate diploma in classical music. In addition to being a busy freelance double bassist Geoff is also an experienced educator having taught bass at schools, colleges and universities, as well as to hundreds of private students.

Geoff is the founder of Discover Double Bass.

“Geoff is not only a great bassist… he is also an awesome bass teacher”
— Scott Devine (Scott’s Bass Lessons)

Lauren Pierce

Lauren Pierce

Lauren Pierce

Based in Texas, USA, Lauren is a professional double bassist and educator. Her hugely popular YouTube channel features virtuosic performances of double bass solo repertoire. Lauren has studied with many notable bassists such as Craig Butterfield and Jeff Bradetich and is renowned teacher in her own right.

Lauren is our in-house classical wizard and co presenter of our weekly show, 'Ask Geoff & Lauren'.

Lauren is one of the best bass players I have ever heard in my life. She has a magic sound, brilliant technique, and wonderful musicality. Her way of playing is very passionate, gorgeous, virtuosic. She is marvelous.
— Roman Patkolo